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Ba Duan Jin and Postural Chi Kung Teil 1


Datum: 22. April 2018
Uhrzeit: 09:00 - 10:30

Ba Duan Jin consist of eight simple stretching exercises. Because based on the inherent human principles of structure and movement, each of them posses a remark-
able depth. We will explore a number of ways to practice and integrate the eight basic standing postures and the eight parts of the Ba Duan Jing effectively. Beside all the practical training, we will study the energetic properties of each of the stretches and movements theoretically.



Peter den Dekker

Peter den Dekker (1958, The Hague, The Netherlands) teaches Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung en Da Cheng Chuan in The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Italy. Initially trained in various martial arts and Chi Kung styles, after he met sifu Lam Kam-Chuen Peter devoted his time to training in all aspects of standing Chi Kung. He is a senior teacher in the lineage of sifu Lam Kam-Chuen and uses Chi Kung as a way of improving body structure and health. Peter is the author of the book The Dynamics of Standing Still.

Many of his students are professionals in music, dance and theater. He leads special trainings for people with immunity weakness and is a sought after guest teacher at academies and congresses. For many years Peter was a teacher and principal at various schools for shiatsu and complementairy medicine. Since 1987 Peter has been a practising acupuncturist, and for the last ten years using the Japanese Toyohari style.

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